About Us

Welcome to Bee Champions! Our name says it all.

We are champions for the cause of bees and all that they provide our world. While we strive to do our part to secure the populations of bees, you too can be a part of this great effort, a rewarding hobby, and a diverse community. Our goal is to create a program of beekeeping to all who want to participate. If you have never maintained a beehive or if you are a next generation beekeeper, this is the place to participate.

  • We are providing all levels of participation in our beekeeping community by offering education, support, and equipment to become a bee keeper yourself!
  • We are forging ahead to help ordinary people in a variety of ways take up beekeeping. This can happen whether you live in a high-rise building, in a suburban neighborhood, or out in the country. By doing so, it’s not hard to realize that you can gain a strong sense of “doing something that matters”, while at the same time, creating a potential source of income as well.
  • By becoming a beekeeper as a hobbyist or growing aspirations to something greater, you would be contributing to a very important cause and at the very least, the opportunity to share your very own raw natural honey.